Shelter Facilities

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Our shelters provide safe housing and a stable, home-like environment for clients as they work on their goals for independence.

Homeless Services – Champaign

Three houses comprise our Courage Connection Homeless Services campus. Each house has rooms for clients, a children’s playroom, and a shared kitchen, laundry, and living room. All residents participate in the upkeep of shared living spaces as well as their own bedrooms. Our main reception desk and administrative offices are also located here.

Domestic Violence Services – Urbana

Courage Connection Domestic Violence Services provides both emergency and transitional housing for domestic violence survivors and their children. Our counselors and court advocates also have their offices here.

Affordable Permanent Housing

Through a partnership with the City of Champaign’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program, Courage Connection has six affordable housing rentals in the community. Through this program, our clients and other community members in need of affordable housing now have additional quality options in Champaign.

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