Client Stories

“I don't think I've been happy like this before. Depression weighed me down, and I thought my way out of so many opportunities. I was afraid. I didn't know I could do it — be independent, take care of myself. But I can! I'm thinking like a grown up now, taking classes, and saving money. I love my job. I really do! And my daughter? She is going to go to a university.”

Testimonial Danielle

“We lost our home due to his drinking. The insults and put-downs started first. Then came the physical abuse. He told me, “You can’t leave,” because he thought I wouldn’t be able to take care of myself. But a friend helped me, and I did leave. Being here helped me believe in myself again. I didn’t deserve to be treated the way he was treating me. I can do things I never thought I could do.”

Testimonial Chasity

“I come from wrong choices and bad decisions. It was a blessing to come here. I felt it. I connected to good, positive people. I landed this job! I tell other women – this place is an opportunity. Staff are here to help you. Be willing to help yourself. Retail training and rental assistance helped me get out on my own. I’m in my own apartment, but I haven’t arrived yet. I’m still progressing. And I’m determined.”

Testimonial Damita

“No money (living paycheck to paycheck), abusive husband and two children=homelessness. We were living in hotel rooms. My daughters and I were safe at the shelter, and the community there helped me to see where my priorities were messed up. I didn’t feel so alone anymore. I tell all women that cross my path in these situations to continue to reach out for help. Being in abusive relationships can be brainwashing. There is help out there, but we have to work hard at it.”

Testimonial Cathy

“My right leg was shattered. I couldn’t even make a noise or I’d be battered more. I didn’t know where to go. I was too ashamed, too scared, too embarrassed. The shelter genuinely saved my life. Because of the women here, we can pick our heads up, reestablish ourselves and go on in life in a happier and safer environment.”

Testimonial Becky

Cynthia shares her story escaping an abuser with the help of her parents, then dealing with the aftermath with a Courage Connection counselor.

Testimonial Cynthia


Mary-Lynn shares how she used Courage Connection services after ending an abusive relationship but was still being stalked by her abuser.

Testimonial Mary-Lynn


Jenny's Story of Survival

Testimonial Jenny


Isak's story of survival

Testimonial Isak