You need to know…

Almost nightly, a woman will arrive at Courage Connection with her young children in the early hours.  They may have nothing but the clothes they were wearing and a maybe a few essentials.  Not even a pair of pajamas to wear for their first night of stay. Items like this were sacrificed for her safety.


Every day individuals turn to Courage Connection for safety and support, many times leaving the comforts of the place they called home.


Courage Connection is launching a Pajama’s and P.B.&J. an event July 21-29. Nothing is more comforting at bed time that a P.B.&J. snack and your wearing comfy Pajamas can be.  To make every night a little brighter for victims and survivors of domestic violence, we are collecting new Pajama’s in all children’s sizes along with Peanut Butter & Jelly to keep out shelter stocked with these essentials. Donations of goods can be made at our Connection’s Store located in Lincoln Square. Busey Bank at 201 West Main Street, Urbana and Busey Bank 2011 West Springfield, Champaign.


Courage Connection, Development Director, Michael Ujcich comments, “We’ve teamed up with our Connections Store in Lincoln Square and Busey Bank locations as drop off points to protect client safety and for confidentiality reasons. Support of this event will restore a touch of comfort for those youth enduring a very scary and stressful time.”