Mother’s Day 2019 Card

Mother’s Day 2019

Courage Connection is the oldest Domestic Violence service provider in North America, serving Champaign Urbana since 1971. While our agency has been know under several organizational names including A Woman’s Place and Center for Women in Transition, our current nameplate of Courage Connection unifies our mission of providing a continuum of services so that individuals and families can achieve  SAFETY, SUPPORT and SUCCESS.

Your Mother’s Day gift to Courage Connection will give women the strength and support they need to build safe lives for their families. Honor the strong women in your life with a gift in their name to Courage Connection. For each donation of $25 or more, Courage Connection  will send a Mother’s Day card on your behalf. Orders received after May 7 will be processed upon receipt however may not arrive in recipient ‘s home prior to May 11.Select from one of the two cards shown below.

To order a Mother’s Day 2019 card, please use this link:Order Mother’s Day Card Here

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Marketing Team 

Card CC1

Her Soul is FIERCE
Her Heart is BRAVE
Her Mind is STRONG
In celebration of your love,
In honor of your strength,
And with thanks for the love you share

A gift to Courage Connection has been made by

Happy Mother’s Day 2019

Card CC2

Your soul is fierce,
Your heart is brave,
Your mind is strong,
Thank you for being my Mom

A gift to Courage Connection has been made by

Happy Mother’s Day 2019